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MA Emergency Legislative Update   
On July 21 Governor Baker extended the moratorium for evictions and foreclosures until October 17th. We were hoping that legislators would accept this initiative and pause current additional emergency legislation
extending current eviction and foreclosure moratoriums as well as mandatory forbearances for 12 months after the state of emergency. It appears that both H.4878 and S.2831 are continuing their path on Beacon Hill. Both bills have been assigned to the Joint Committee on Housing.  See below for a summary of HD.5166 and S.2831
What can you do?  
  • We need every mortgage professional living and/or working in Massachusetts to call or email their state Senator and Representative.  
  • We need all mortgage professionals to encourage their colleagues and coworkers to also contact their legislators.  
How do I do this?
There are two ways that you can send messages to your legislators -both are relatively easy and quick. One is particularly quick.  
FAST (20 seconds):
We have asked the MBA's Mortgage Action Alliance to send out a Call to Action for all their Massachusetts members. Anyone can join and we encourage all mortgage professionals to do so. By simply joining or logging into the MAA link, once you have input your home address, a pre-written email will appear that can be edited or simply hit the send button and it will be send directly to your legislators. The entire process will take about 20 seconds if you don't edit the email.  
ALMOST AS FAST (2 minutes) 
Step one -who are your legislators? Click here to enter your address and contact information for both your state Senator and Representative will appear. You can choose to either call the office or email.  
Step two (a) -what do you say? If you decide to make the two phone calls, chances are you will either be leaving a message or being connected to a staff person. Provide the office with your name, company name, phone number and tell them you would like them to oppose H.4878 (if calling Representative) or S.2831 (if calling Senator). Tell them why you oppose this bill (see step 2(B) 
Step 2(b) - what do I email? Click here for a word document that you can copy and paste or edit.    
Step 3 -forward a link to this webpage! Post links on social media and forward email to coworkers and colleagues asking them to do their part!    
TOGETHER we can make a difference!     
H. 4878 & S.2831 -An Act to Guarantee Housing Stability During The COVID-19 Emergency and Recovery 
Click here for MMBA Statement sent to legislators 
Click here for H.4878
Click here for S.2831