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A Message From the MMBA Chair

A message from the 2024 MMBA Chair, Ryan Hayes


"The MMBA does a ton of incredible work with lobbying, compliance and frankly has kept this business viable in the face of regulation a number of times but at its core its about relationships.  It’s about making the connections that help navigate this complicated and ever-changing environment. It is friendly competitors that are always willing to talk about best practices and problem solving.  It is about creating relationships in this small environment where there is a good chance in our long careers, we will be both competitors and teammates.

My hope for my term as chair of the MMBA is to lean back into this important function.  You will see more networking, including regional networking events and my ask is that the people in this room support these functions.  Support them like you did early in your career.  Bring along your best performers, show them the value of having a “friend” at another company to work through problems.  Explain to them the value will be much greater than the next training call they will be on.  I am looking forward to 2024 because anytime this group has faced adversity the professional in this room have flourished.   I am honored to be a part of this group."

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Ryan M Hayes
MMBA 2024 Chair