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MA Division of Banks Updates

PSA Cybersecutity Awareness for MA Consumers:

During this holiday season, the Mass. Division of Banks seeks to alert consumers about potential online risks consumers may be exposed to while doing their online shopping.  Help us prevent online scams and fraud by sharing the attached flyer with friends, family, colleagues and professional affiliations. 

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Informational Session -Strategies to Support & Promote Minority-Owned Real Estate and Financial Services
Tuesday, January 7th
10:00 AM -11:00 AM
1000 Washington Street, Room 1-E
Boston, MA  02110

The purpose of this informational session is to solicit input from individuals and entities interested in the mission of the Special Commission. The Special Commission seeks comments and recommendations on the following:

  • Identification of barriers to professional licensure for socially or economically disadvantaged persons including, but not limited to, barriers to obtaining a mortgage lender and mortgage broker license; approval for state bank charters; and insurance or carrier licenses;
  • General and specific recommendations to help plan, develop, and implement strategies to support and promote minority-owned real estate and financial services organizations in the Commonwealth;
  • Additional information or recommendations in support of the mission of the Special Commission.

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