MA Broker-Only Meeting May 26th - Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association

MA Broker-Only Meeting May 26th

My name is Anne Antonellis and I am the owner of Duxbury Mortgage Services in Duxbury, MA. I also serve on the Board of the Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association (MMBA).  

I joined the Board because I felt that licensed mortgage brokers here in Massachusetts needed a vehicle to connect, gain support and have access to education that is pertinent to the broker community Through the MMBA, I am hoping to focus on how the MMBA can assist Brokers in doing their business.

I ask you or one of your staff members to attend a very important meeting (using zoom) on May 26th at 10:00 AM. Here is the registration link

During the last MA Broker discussion, there were several questions that participants had such as: "What are the broker examination issues the Division is seeing? " "Is there a checklist that could be developed that would assist brokers in preparing documents needed by the Division?" "Do they want complete files for audits or are they just looking for specific information for each file? " "What is the Call Report used for?"

Based upon the conversation, the MMBA reached out to Tom Brennan (Consultant and former DOB employee) and the Division specifically about designing a program for MA Brokers. We are pleased to offer you a program on Wednesday, May 26th discussing the following:

  • Preparing for a DOB examination -specific for Brokers
  • Overall Compliance Program on policies and procedures that brokers should have in place -everything from WISP policies to Disclosures. 


  • Ruth Barry, MA Division of Banks 
  • Tom Brennan, Consultant
  • Kevin Cuff, MA Division of Banks

We would like to thank the Division for their support and participation of this program. Together we are stronger and the MMBA is excited support and partake in this endeavor. 


Anne Antonellis
Owner, Duxbury Mortgage Services
MMBA Board of Director